Mr._Swaggy posted: songs in Israel 1 year ago
I was just visiting Israel and these guys looked at me really weird when I sang the Wehrmacht anthem, Tried to show them how much my corn has grown. I was wearing my SS uniform. They are really unfriendly people, I give them 2 dead Jews out of 4 million!
Mr._Swaggy posted: What is love? 1 year ago
Baby don't hurt me
Mr._Swaggy posted: How to be gopnik 2 years ago
Help! All my friends are gopnik. I am not. They make fun of me and hit me with vodka bottles. How can I become true gopnik?
Hello world, I just spent 30 minutes sticking stickers on my laptop. Thankfully, the laptop came with a built in front camera. How can I take a picture of the back of my laptop with my front camera on my laptop? AM I PREGANT?